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"A Journey In Time: Mendocino County Wildflowers"

The book is arranged as a month-by-month journey through four seasons, beginning in January and ending in December. It contains more than 300 remarkable prints of wildflowers and thirty striking images of land- and seascapes. In his introduction, Peter Stearns says, "Much of Mendocino County is still unspoiled, and there's a feel of timelessness, of quiet places to walk, to sit and observe. In this book, most of the images of wildflowers, along with land- and seascapes, may be seen from your car, or by walking a short distance into the woods and fields or along the ocean bluffs. For your pleasure, I've included my heartfelt observations on each month as we journey through the year." Throughout the book, four beautiful wildflowers prints are arranged on each facing page, while the opposite page gives the common name, the Latin name, and a description of each flower under the simple headings When-Where-What.

Order "A Journey In Time: Mendocino County Wildflowers"

The book is available for $65. California residents pay 8.75% sales tax. Free shipping within the USA.

To order a copy of "A Journey In Time: Mendocino County Wildflowers" please email Cypress House in Fort Bragg, CA. Be sure to include your telephone number in the email. Or contact them using the information below. Payment is not due until the books are ready to be shipped.

Cypress House
155 Cypress Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Phone: 707 964-9520
Toll-free: 800 773-7782

Recent review from Readers Preference.
"Peter W. Stearns treats the reader to an absolutely beautiful photographic collection of Mendocino County, California wildflowers......The landscape pictures are absolutely stunning......It is a beautiful and recommended purchase."

Dale Conour, Deputy Editor, Sunset Magazine
"A Journey In Time is a great resource—not only for flowers lovers, but for both seasoned and novice travelers to Mendocino County."

Choice Review
"This handsome book is a tribute to the wildflowers of California's northwestern corner. Stearns is a gifted photographer...the photographs and color reproductions are excellent. Recommended."

The Midwest Book Review
"A beautiful display of nature photography, showcasing the colorful wildflower blossoms found in Mendocino County, California, A Journey In Time is very highly recommended for wildflower lovers, nature photographers, and gardeners who want to establish wildflowers among their horticultural efforts."


A Journey in Time: Mendocino County Wildflowers

  • Author: Peter W. Stearns
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9773049-2-9
  • ISBN-10: 0-9773049-2-2
  • Pages: 187 plus glossary and index

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